The Zagreb Times Sinke

Are you a fan of animated corpses that search the world for brains of the living? In that case, Croatian Capital may be the place to go this fall. Zombie Walk Zagreb will happen on November 14th and gather dozens of living dead enthusiasts in the streets of Croatia’s main city.

For those unaware, this decaying stroll is imagined as a funny event during which people dress up as zombies and walk in their manner through urban areas. The event is of international character and is being organized in several cities across the globe. The largest of the kind occurred in Minneapolis (USA) which numbered 15487 attendees and ended up in Guinness Book of Records.

Zombie Walk Zagreb will surely be a treat to every lover of horror movies. Becoming a part of it is free of charge. The attendees however need to be costumed as zombies and apply for a short make-up session before the walk takes place. In addition they are required to follow the guidelines of the organizers and happily partake in the living dead spectacle.

Learn more about Zombie Walk Zagreb on the event’s official website and be prepared to undeadly roam the streets of Croatian Capital.

Photo: Zombie Walk Zagreb