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There are many charming places where one can settle for vacation in Zagreb. However, Hotel Esplanade offers unique level of service, bonding long tradition with modern trends in hospitality. The luxurious site counts almost a full century of existence and being a classy home-away-from-home to all people lucky to visit Croatian Capital. Not just being a place to stay, but an experience to remember: Zagreb’s Esplanade has just been proclaimed the best Historic Hotel for 2019.

Hotel Esplanade Zagreb

The prestigious title has been awarded at the 2019 European Hotel Awards in Geneva. Gathering top hoteliers, the event was as luxurious as institutions that competed for its awards. Winning the title of best historic hotel is no small achievement and Esplanade’s director Ivica Max Krizmanic had plenty of reasons to be satisfied.

“I’m proud of our Zagreb beauty, the icon of style, elegance and glamour. The Esplanade Hotel in 1925, with its luxurious interior, impressive architecture and modern amenities, attracted travellers on the renowned Orient Express,” Krizmanic said while accepting the award from Jerome Chapman, the director of prestigious Références Hôteliers Restaurateurs paper.

Hotel Esplanade Zagreb

“Today Esplanade, on the foundations of the tradition of top service, with its timeless charm and elegance, cultural and historical significance, continues to enchant the guests coming to Zagreb every day.“

Krizmanic congratulated his team for their efforts, noting that Esplanade Zagreb is not just one of the best hotels in Europe but on world level at general.

Hotel Esplanade Zagreb

The award will certainly attract a lot of new visitors and increase the hotel’s already established status in hospitality services, additional approved  by recent lauds of Michelin Guide and The Luxury Travel Guide.

If visiting Croatia and wanting to stay in Zagreb with style, just visit the official website of the best Historic Hotel of 2019 and schedule your arrival. Learn why the hotel won such impressive reputation and why it became one of Zagreb’s most cherished places- both by locals and foreign visitors.

Feature Photo: Hotel Esplanade