The Zagreb Times Sinke

The Merry Season has always been special in Croatian Capital. But in recent years, Zagreb became among the most cherished localities for Christmas celebrations on global level. Winning the first prize for its renowned Advent localities several times in the row, the city under Bear Mountain (“Medvednica”) is now the third best location in the world for anyone in love with Christmas markets.

The prestigious title was provided by influential travel site Big 7, which lauded the season’s spirit in the city. The source didn’t forget to mention that Zagreb has its very own ice rink, entire forests of decorated trees, numerous rides for children and food stalls on every corner. The guests can also buy charming hand-made works as gifts and souvenirs. According to Big 7, there is so much content that visitors of Zagreb can go to market several days in a row.

If you plan to visit Croatian Capital during Christmas season, you will be happy to know that Advent marketplace will take place between November 30th 2019 and January 7th 2020. In any case, one can expect a lot of positive thoughts in the upcoming Merry weeks.

Photo: Hanza Media