The Zagreb Times Sinke

Fans of cars have one great reason to visit Croatia’s capital this week. The fancy Zagreb Auto Show 2018 event has been organized on City Fair and it comes with its most spectacular version to date. Fourteen large pavilions have been occupied for the needs of this prestigious vehicle festivity, displaying exhibits from 85 different brands.

Zagreb Auto Show 2018

The exhibitors come from 34 foreign countries. In addition of presenting automobiles, Zagreb Auto Show 2018 will also feature motorcycles, bicycles, buses and camp vehicles. It is really a festivity of design and technology that could be of interest to all audiences. Visitors can also attend outdoor buggy drives and show their driving wits on crash courses. Spectacular stunt presentations are also organized, as well as panel discussions and artistic exhibits.

Zagreb Auto Show 2018 concludes with April 15th, so there’s still time for you to come and attend. The tickets can be bought onsite for the price of 40 HRK / 5,50 €.  Check out some of the highlights in our image gallery below.

Photo: Fran Kurelac / Autoklub