The Zagreb Times Sinke

Most people don’t perceive Croatia as a winter destination, but the country has plenty to offer once the snowflakes start to fall. In addition to charming cottages that offer top-notch luxury, Croatia has many unique natural surroundings that have almost mystical beauty. One of them is certainly Skakavac, a 30-meter high waterfall that tends to freeze during cold months. Once its transformation is complete, it becomes a frosted sculpture that looks like an illustration from fantasy literature book.

With the name that literally translates to “grasshopper”, Skakavac can be found in a gorgeous forest called Jankovac, a part of Papuk nature park in Croatia’s northeast lands. It is a great place to visit in any time of the year, so if white layer doesn’t  make you excited consider a trip during warmer seasons.


Jankovac Forest

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Photo: Emica Emedji / Hanza Media