The Zagreb Times Sinke

Osijek-based sculptor Nikola Faller is not an unknown name on Croatian art scene. He leads a dedicated group of artisans called Slama, which excels at building straw sculptures. All of these are very temporary, as straw is not a strong material, yet whenever Faller organizes an exhibition; it is as if he takes us to another world.

One such straw event is currently taking place in Croatian Capital of Zagreb. Visitors of Art Park, an outdoor exhibition place in the city center, are thus welcome to see the latest sculptures made by Faller’s workshop. Although not very large, the exhibition can greatly entertain, especially the younger generations.

So if you are interested to set a foot in a straw world, don’t hesitate to visit Zagreb Art Park. It can be easily accessed by going left of city funicular in Tomiceva Street, or going down the stone stairway from Strossmayer Promenade.

It should be noted that Slama Organization annually makes a much larger outdoor exhibition in Baranja. There, in the vast fields of this Croatian region, they construct large sculptures, and the biggest is traditionally set ablaze on the event’s final day. It is a ritual which equally awes and impresses, providing the viewers with spectacle and reflexive vibe.

Explore the work of this artist and discover the straw fable in Zagreb.