The Zagreb Times Sinke

The northern regions of Croatia may not have access to Adriatic Sea, but that doesn’t mean swimming is not an option on their premises. Thanks to numerous spa centers, watery refreshments are as accessible as in coastal parts. One of the most popular destinations of the kind is Terme Tuhelj, a fantastic oasis of huge pools and pampering activities that never disappoint visitors, no matter their age.

An ideal place for family visit, Tuhelj invests a lot in its promotion. One of their recent feats was hiring renowned street artist to decorate their outdoor surfaces and the results are more than impressive. As a part of their Art&Spa initiative, one of the worlds’s most appreciated urban artisans Farid Rued of Mexico has joined talents with Croatian colleague Slaven Kosanovic Lunar and made some truly unique works of art.

The amazing duo has decorated a large 45 meter wall that dominates outdoor premises of Terme Tuhelj. Full of colorful motifs and attractive shapes, the impressive graphic largely contributes to positive vibes and adds to viewer’s sense of wellbeing.

“We are much honored to have worked with two artists of such high renown. Farid Rued is known for his distinctive kaleidoscope coloring and we are glad that he joined our team. As for Lunar, he already worked for us and our cooperation has always been very beneficial,” officials of Terme Tuhelj explained. “Lunar has also authored our very logo almost twelve years ago, and it perfectly communicates the beauty of Zagorje region, energy of the sun and benefits of thermal water that we are so proud of.”

Lunar was also very satisfied with the final result. “I worked with Rued a couple of times before. He became quite known for depictions of females that represent Mother Nature, always giving positive energy and good emotions.” No doubt, these are vibes that go well with Terme Tuhelj.

Visit the official website of Tuhelj spa center and consider visiting the beautiful region of Zagorje.