The Zagreb Times Sinke

Although summer draws people to the shores of Adriatic Sea, a lot of visitors opt to enjoy inland Croatia as well. Staying far away from the coast doesn’t mean one can’t have a refreshing splash in the water, and Terme Tuhelj is among the best places for such an experience.

The famous spa center can be found in Krapinsko-Zagorska County, in the close vicinity of Zagreb. Named after a local village, this site of health and recreation has been loved by all generations of Croats. In the recent years, of course, it became widely known to foreign visitors of the country as well. Always opened and ready to receive guests, Terme Tuhelj operates even during the year’s colder season.

Yet, the summer is prime time for swimming enjoyments, and Terme Tuhelj has two special offers that you should consider during your stay in Croatia. The first one is called Vacation Without Borders and includes a six-day family stay for 260 € per person. This one expires in August, meaning you should be quick if you plan to use it.

The other offer is called Summer at Terme Tuhelj and is available up to early September. It is an all inclusive stay, coming with free drinks for grownups and rich animation program for children. The price for overnight stay is 76 € per person, with two children residing free of charge. Learn more about these two offers on the official website of spa center.

Terme Tuhelj is especially proud of their newest adrenaline-pumping attractions. A large 120-meter long aqua slide with tube-like pattern can be found in the outdoor section, while its smaller 55-meter edition is located indoors. The slides are perfect additions to already attractive swimming area that features fountains, geysers, massage facilities, artificial wave pools and children’s water town.

Discover this, and many more unique places that wait for you in Zagorje Region.