The Zagreb Times Sinke

Slavonia is a large region that stretches in the Croatia’s northeast territories. While not having access to the Sea, it is an amazing part of the country that blooms with natural beauty, historical background and prime entertainment. In the heart of Slavonia one can find the City of Osijek, a picturesque settlement that is worth of everyone’s visit.  Situated on the banks of Drava River, this destination is especially attractive once the summer heat retires and colors of the autumn season arrive in full bloom.

What is Osijek like in this time of the year? Check it out in our image gallery below. Imagine spending a few days in this amazing town, exploring the sites such as Viseci Most Bridge, The Ramparts of Tvrda Fort or numerous sunflower fields that surround the premises. Consider having a rowing excursion through river streams or just enjoy the hospitality of local people.

You may also witness the beauty of Osijek in a unique timelapse video. It is easy to understand why this destination has gained so much renown in Croatia’s continental tourist offer. Feel free to send us your images of Osijek, too. Just upload them to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day.

Photo: Vlado Kos / CROPIX