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Less than an hour away from Croatian Capital of Zagreb, the small town of Samobor has a unique medieval vibe and serves as a notable destination of continental Croatia. With its narrow streets and gorgeous promenades, it is a place where every visitor is treated as a friend, and won’t leave the settlement without a throng of nice memories.

There are many things to love in Samobor, including its annual carnival Fasnik and Samoborska kremsnita cream cakes (we marvel they didn’t show up on the town emblem by now). However, there are some unique things even Croats don’t know about Samobor. Today, we share them with you.

The retreat of Atila

More than a millennia and half ago, the European continent was trembling in front of Hun armies, led by the fearsome warrior Atila. Also known as The Scourge of God, the barbaric leader has changed the map of the world during his lifetime. Yet, his soldiers were not immune to another spooky thingy which roamed the land in the 5th century: pestilence. The dreaded sickness has obliterated Atila’s ranks, prompting his immediate retreat from campaign over Europe. On their way to homeland, Hun soldiers were passing through the valley of Samobor.

Rich in Ore

Samobor has noted a rapid development in 16th century thanks to rich copper mines in its vicinity. At one point in the history, this small Croatian town annually produced more of this ore than all mines of England combined. This helped the town develop commercially, and many modern industries, such as honey and wax production, can actually trace their peak in this period of time.

Positive Vibrations

With its open-air walkways and a charming water stream going through its very center, Samobor is a very inspiring settlement, and a favorite spot of many Croatian artists. The popular film “A Song a Day Takes a Mischief Away”, regarded by experts as an absolute peak of the nation’s seventh art, has a scene filmed in Samobor outdoors. But the lovely pacing also impacts contemporary citizens. One of them has won a prestigious international competition in Haiku poetry, and his verses were printed on bottles of Coca-Cola on Japanese market. So if you seek to be inspired, give Samobor a chance.

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