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Anxiously awaiting for your stay in Croatian capital, but worried that your wallet might be hurt along the way? Don’t panic. We bring you three places for budget dining in Zagreb. Eat well, without having to rely on your hidden stashes and borrowings of your relatives. Dobar tek!

Bistro 75

Located in Zadarska Street 75, this diner has daily deals which include sandwiches and home-made dishes. A traditional thick stew called Jota, usually associated with Croatia’s northern coasts, is on the menu every Monday for 28 HRK / 3.75 €, while the traditional white fish Popara is available every Tuesday foe 39 HRK / 5.25 €. Other days have their own dishes, but the pricing never exceeds 43 HRK/ 5.75 €. Sandwiches can bought for as low as 28 HRK / 3.75 €.

Potato House

This little diner is, as its very name suggests, specialized in potato dishes. The basic meal consists of a potato with cheese or butter, and costs no more than 9 HRK /1.21 €. Additions such as chilli, Stroganoff, curry or tuna averagely cost 7 HRK/ 1 €, thus allowing you to make your own custom potato-plate.  Of course, potatoes are not the only food type served, as the diner also offers tasty veggie soups for 20 HRK/ 2.75 €. Find it in Masarykova 19.


A diner loved both by Zagreb’s locals and their foreign guests, Bistroteka is located in Nikola Tesla Street 14, just a few minutes away from the central square of Ban Jelacic. Some of the most common dishes ordered are fine carrot soup and pumpkin stew, available for 26 HRK / 3. 70 € or for larger portion,  36 HRK/ 4.80 €.

These were just three places for budget dining in Zagreb. We will introduce you to more affordable restaurants soon, so stay a frequent reader of Like Croatia and learn tips to get the maximum of your stay in the country.


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