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The Croatian Capital of Zagreb is located beneath a large mountain called Medvednica. The name is derived from Medved, meaning a bear in local dialect. Unfortunately, this animal kind has retreated from the mountain areas, but there are other things to see on Medvendica’s gentle slopes. As a matter of fact, to many Zagreb residents, it is the best excursion site.  Here are three adventure to attend on Medvednica Mountain.

Search for Silver in Zrinski Mine

Five hundred years ago, the underground tunnels of Medvednica were mined for precious materials. The lives of people working on this site were difficult, as they worked in the realm of dark and coldness, their only company being the sounds of dripping water and pickaxes working. Discover their tale on a specially guided tour, as you explore the mazes of old Croatian mine. Reserve your attendance right away.

Venture the Old Croatian Castle

Ever since it was built in 13th century, the grandiose burg of Medvedgrad safeguards Zagreb from the hilly distance. It can be seen from the city itself, as a reminder of the settlement’s long and glorious history.  Associated with many legends and fable stories, Medvedgrad is a fantasy setting that joins past with imagination, and is a perfect locality for family excursion. Arrange your visit and prepare for an exciting adventure.

Discover Beauty of Veternica Cave

Deeply hidden in the thick woods, one can find the entrance to Veternica. It is the longest grotto in Northern Croatia. In prehistoric times, it was a home to Neanderthal families and species of large cave bears. Today, it is an important archeological source, and provides opportunity to learn about animal kinds that inhabit it. Attend a guided tour to learn about ancient fossils and features of this cavernous ecosystem, and how it survived through eras up to contemporary times.

Five Secrets of Medvednica Nature Park
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Feature Photo: Goran Mehkek / CROPIX