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Readers and official jury members of Croatian magazine Dom&Dizajn have chosen the most beautiful garden in Croatia. The prestigious award went to small town of Cepin, into the hands of owner Zdenka Matagic. Her gorgeous outdoor estate Vrtna Bajka (“The Garden Fable”) is truly a haven that many dream of, and a place to visit during your stay in Croatia.

Zdenka begun gardening with her husband as an easy-going hobby, but it soon became a wonderful adventure which goes for almost one and a half decade. The garden has 750 square meters in size and is open to public visitors. Matagic family organized their gorgeous estate in several sections, such as Mediterranean, Japanese, Floral, Water-Based and one that deals with spices.  There is also a so-called “Secret Garden”, but you will have to explore the scenery to find its exact place. The Garden Fable has about 250 different plant species on its premises, and you can only imagine how much work and knowledge stands behind such rich ecosystem.

“We imagined a garden that can’t be witnessed by a simple look. Every little bit calls for exploration of the viewer. There are many “rooms” made of hanging plants and climbing flowers that one can enter and see their interior. This also allowed us to play with various visual styles,” said the delighted owners.

In addition to plant life, the most beautiful garden in Croatia has a versatile animal kingdom on its soil. The family also runs business with bird species, so expect a lot of lovely pigeons making you company in Vrtna Bajka. Other kinds include hedgehogs, tiny lizards, squirrels and frogs. In addition to living beings, the garden is decorated with wooden animal figurines and tablets with inspiring quotes in Croatian language.

This fairy-tale garden can be entered in Cepin, on address Ljudevita Gaja 28. The excursion-like entry fee for adults is 30 HRK / 4 € and includes free drink of choice. The simple visit is half of that price, and children pay even less. Discover more about the most beautiful garden in Croatia on its official website and consider exploring this gorgeous site. Check out our image gallery below, too.

Photo: Emica Elvedji /CROPIX
Vrtna Bajka