The Zagreb Times Sinke

Recently opened and already famous, Egoist Bar pulls no punches once it comes to impressing its patrons. Elegant and welcoming, this novel spot in Zagreb’s Veslacka Street has been designed by Ana Popovic Vujovic of Opereta Company.  Located in the middle of luxurious building and neighboring the entrance of internal garden, it is definitely a place worthy of everyone’s visit.

“The idea was to form a space that will remind of a cozy living room,” Vujovic explained to Croatia Times source. “But we also had to implement several other functionalities. In daytime, Egoist Bar is an attractive spot for enjoying cups of coffee. But once the sun sets, Egoist Bar turns into a hot spot for cocktail parties and live music.”

One part of the interior is slightly separated, allowing private gatherings to be organized at the same time while usual guests enjoy their time in Egoist Bar. “I was inspired by popular bars from various metropolises of the world. And I was also very keen to work with copper as a material. It has a distinctive shine and goes well with modern approaches to interior design,” Vujovic concluded.

Other notable features of this locality include the V-shaped pillars, industrial ceiling, a large terrace and a VIP section that has its own fireplace. Cozy and attractive, it is a nice place to rise your ego and sense of pleasure.

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Photo: Opereta projektiranje