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Croatian capital and its immediate vicinities became a strong competition to the country’s renowned coast. Tourists in Zagreb and Samobor, for examole love the pleasant vibe of the urban settlements, attracted by centuries old alleys, traditional diners and rich entertainment content. Here are some things worthy of your attention, along with the reasons why foreign guests deem them so special.

Swanky Mint

This always-friendly hostel became one of Zagreb’s most loved accommodations, located in Ilica Street 50. Close to all notable points of interest, Swanky’s space used to be an old cleaning shop, thus featuring a charming interior design.  “I’ve been visiting hostels since 1973, and this one is one of my favorite. It is not too expensive, and terrace can be used even during rainy days,” a guest from Michigan explained.

Neja Markicevic / CROPIX

Other affordable accommodation services include Chillout Hostel in Tomiceva 5 and Funk Lounge Hostel in Rendiceva 28.

Pizzeria Duksa

Usually associated with prime pizza delicacies sold for budget prices, pizzeria Duksa can be found in Duknoviceva Street 4.  “My husband and I are very delicate when pizzas are concerned,” Catherine from California explained, enjoying her meal. “We both agreed that this is the best pizza we ever had. The edges are crispy, and the stuffing is rich and fresh.”

Pizza Duksa

Places of similar buzz and guest review scores include diner Vagabund in Vlaska Street 90 (serving Mediterranean cuisine) and Plac on Dolac Marketplace (offering great barbecue meals).

Etno Kuca pod Okicem

Located close to Zagreb’s neighboring Town of Samobor, this cozy estate currently crowns the corresponding review category on Trip Advisor. “We have ten beds and six camping places, and we are always rented in full capacity,” the owner Marijan Slakoper explained. “We are located beneath Okic settlement, and provide our guests with magnificent view of Zagreb. About sixty percent of visitors come from Netherlands, but Italians and French also arrive in large numbers.

Ervin Silic

Another nice place to stay in Zagreb vicinities is Hotel Livadic. It can be found on Samobor’s central square, and has 21 rooms available for rental. The small town is known for its traditional cream cakes ‘kremsnite’. The local restaurant Gabrek 1929 has a sort of cult status, and is often a diner of choice for Zagreb residents visiting Samobor. In addition to food usually associated with the surrounding culinary culture, the menu includes over 40 kinds of pancakes.

These were just some things loved by tourists in Zagreb and Samobor. Visit these charming Croatian settlements, and find your own reasons to enjoy their services.

Feature Photo: Neja Markicevic