The Zagreb Times Sinke

In Croatia, grilled food is part of every region’s culture. While sea-oriented parts prefer fish to be over the coal, continentals like their ingredients without scales. Perfect sites to enjoy this kind of food in Zagreb are Batak Grill Restaurants, one of which can be found in Radnicka Cesta Street. It went through redesign of interior recently, prompting many local clients to visit more frequently. Of course, foreign visitors are also usual sight at the table as well.

In Croatian language, batak means chicken drumstick. But of course, guests can order other parts of poultry as well. Other meat kinds are on the menu too, and everybody talks about Batak’s new dish: a beef shank served with  slices of young potato and fine bacon. In addition, you may want to try traditional meat dishes of Balkan region, such as everybody’s favorite cevapi, but also vjesalice and mazalice. Stuffed steaks are also available, as are grilled ribs and chicken in home-made BBQ sauce.

The interior has been updated to suit modern industrial style, as renovated by Arhitektri Studio. “We wanted do decrease the glass quantities in space, so we bricked a number of ground-level walls. This way, we lowered the perception of vastness that dominated initial state. Also, this move added to more intimate atmosphere of Batak Grill dining area,” Boska Bahtijarevic of Arhitektri explained. “We concluded that guests on the lower level don’t have to see those on the gallery above, so we covered it with a wall and added a longish bench on the other side.”

“The small elevator that is used to bring orders to the upper section is not hidden, but exposed as a part of interior. As such, it became both useful and decorative.”

People of Zagreb are already talking about how impressive the new restaurant looks like. Feel free to visit Batak Grill official website for more information on this great dining spot in the very heart of Zagreb’s business area.

Photo: Dom i Dizajn