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Culinary trends change over time, but there are foods that never lose their appeal. One of them is certainly caviar, a specialty made from fish roe that has always been bonded with wealth and class. Eagerly consumed by Byzantine aristocrats as early as 10th century, this delicacy established itself on the plates of every culture in the world. Thanks to a small company called “Marko” that comes from Duga Resa Town, you may taste Croatian Caviar while having a vacation in the country.

Srdan Vrancic /CROPIX

“I have always been a child of nature and tend to live in connection with it,” said Branka Petrunic-Becker that stands behind the product. “Our company exists for seventeen years now. We opened it after my husband Bernard and I decided to move from Germany to Croatia. His brother was producing dried fish, so we followed the path.”

Duga Resa is a small town immediately next to Mreznica River that blooms with fish life. However, it took some time before the couple found the perfect way of handling the business. Today, their facilities smoke a variety of species, including trout, mackerel, tuna, swordfish and codfish. They also process eel, shrimp, mussels and octopus from the seaside.  And Croatian Caviar is their latest addition in line of products.

Mario Kucera / CROPIX

The smoked goods that are delivered through “Marko” come without any additives. Once the fish is cleaned, it is lied down into nitrate-free mixture of water, salt and natural herbs. Then it is smoked in a special compartment above a beech tree bonfire.  Once the whole procedure concludes, the final product can stay fresh up to eight weeks.

As for Croatian Caviar, it is made from local trout species and slowly gains recognition on domestic market. Their products are being served in many local restaurants, including the prestigious Monte in Rovinj, the owner of Michelin Star. They are also available in delicacy shops as well as better supplied supermarkets.

If you fancy a classy meal that will stay in your memory, invest in Croatian Caviar from Duga Resa. But beware: it may heighten your dining expectations.

Feature Photo: Mario Kucera / CROPIX