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The tale of Zagreb’s Choco Cafe brand is a story of passion and success. A franchise associated with sweet tastes has no less than five localities in the city, and plans to broaden even away from Croatian capital.

“We opened first Choco Cafe after we noted that locals are interested in pancake meals,” Ana Zorotovic of the company explained to Croatia Times source. “We decided to blend the usual café bar interior with that one of traditional pastry, gaining a unique and recognizable design.”

The sites offer plenty of dishes for sweet tooth, pancakes being the most common order. Guests can taste them in sweet, salty, toasted, deep fried and protein-rich versions. Ice cream can also be enjoyed in numerous tastes, as well as waffles, tortillas and strudel cakes. Hot and cold drinks are o the menu as well.

“We also have a lot of visitors that care about staying fit. They can consume food from our special offer, tailored to their needs. And some are having breakfast here every day,” Ana said, adding that their Choco Sweet Secret Pancake is also very popular order. It basically includes a large pancake with a bunch of secret ingredients, which you are free to guess during consummation.

Choco Cafe can be found on the following addresses: Visnjevac 2, Turinina 5, Petrova 167, Teslina 12, UIica Zinke Kunc 3e. These small chocolate realms work every day up to midnight. Expect average price to be around 20 HRK / 2,70 € per order. Various events, such as birthday parties and family celebrations can be arranged in the café interior.

If in search for a tasty meal during your travels through Zagreb streets, don’t hesitate to knock on the doors of Choco Cafe.  We are more than certain that you’ll find plenty to love in these factories of sweet enjoyments.

Photo: Darko Tomas / CROPIX
Choco Café