The Zagreb Times Sinke

The Croatian capital has many spots that provide ale enjoyments, fueled by the fact that country is going through a sort of craft revolution. Dozens of small, private breweries have recently been opened, and having a pint of unique beer in Zagreb is easier than ever. Those who’d like to explore this rich realm of beverages can just stroll to the nearest bar. But those who want to perceive the larger picture, or even venture some foreign products, will be more than welcome in Svijet Piva.

Located in a passageway of Maksimirska Street 41/1, it is a beer garden with over 200 assets on the menu. It was opened in September 2017, and quickly found way to the hearts of many Zagreb residents.

“The pub was natural step for us, as we already owned the influential beer product store, “Milena Urban of Svijet Piva explained to Croatia Times source. “We recognized interest for something more than that, thus we made this place.”

The spot has 300 square meters in size, which includes interior and outdoor yard. The whole spot can comfortably accept up to 200 visitors. The store is still active, so you can buy bottles of beer that interests you, and bring them to your accommodation. The food offer is yet to be announced, as well as souvenir program.

The world of beer in Zagreb is rich as it is, but more exotic options are also available. Svijet Piva offers alcoholic spirits such as chili vodka and other “experimental” drinks.  The pub is nicely decorated, and works every day between 8:00 a.m. and midnight. The price range is between 15 – 40 HRK / 2 -5.30 €, which is more than acceptable even for travelers with limited budget. If in Zagreb, and seeking a place for a fine glass of beer, find it in the charming passage of Maksimirska Street.

Photo: Sandra Simunovic / Hanza Media