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Stubica is an important place for Croatian history. Situated in the Zagorje region, it was a heart of a very large peasant uprising in 16th century. A lot of tales are connected with this period, speaking about heroisms and acts of immense bravery. But Stubica is also known as an important center for Croatian culinary identity. Here is a recipe for Stubica Pork, so that you can have a glimpse of Zagorje in your home. Imagine dining this in a deep and beautiful forest, as the region is known for having wonderful woody areas.

What You Will Need

800 g pork chops

150 g dry plums

49 g butter

4 spoons of oil

3 spoons of plum spirit

1 dl sour cream

3 dl sweat cream

2 dl white wine

Fresh Parsley

Freshly minced black pepper

400 g Noodles

Stubica Pork

Stubica Pork Preparation

Wash and decant the meat. Remove the seed from plums and stuff the fruits with butter. Make a large cut on meat slice and spread it with spoon to make it as broad as it can get. Salt and pepper both from the inside and outside, and insert the plums into the hollow you made.

Fry the meat on light flame. Be careful- it should not overburn in any case. The rest of plums should be cut on small track-like pieces. Add them to the meat. Pour the meal with some water and wine. Increase the flame slightly, in order to thermally process the interior of the delicacy.

Add cream at this point. Once the sauce thickens, pour the plum spirit, popularly called sljivovica in Croatian. Cook for several more minutes, then remove from the sauce and cut on slices. Serve them together with noodles, sprinkled with some freshly cut parsley. We suggest using broad noodles, and a green salad as a side dish. Congratulations, with Stubica Pork made, you are really one step closer in becoming a Zagorje resident.

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Photo: Dobra Hrana / CROPIX