The Zagreb Times Sinke

Zagreb is always an entertaining place to be, but no fun compares to the one offered by Cest is d Best festival. It is an annual celebration of street art in all of its forms, prompting urban entertainers to show their craft across Zagreb squares, alleys and streets. From funny clowns to impressive acrobats, a new performance waits on every corner.

But Cest is d Best comes with some quite unique features, one of them being a traditional race of street cleaners. These people drive specially designed bicycles that come with trash containers, vigilantly keeping Zagreb clean. During the festivity, however, the driver-propelled vehicles become racing means. You can watch as Zagreb sweepers challenge their driving skills through the city in our image gallery below. From what is known, the winner of this race receives a free day from his duties- a prize well worth the effort.

This year’s Cest is the Best is over, but Zagreb is still a place to be for entertainment. Today is the frist day of Animafest, the renowned animation festival that also takes place in lovely Croatian Capital.

Photo: Ronald Gorsic / CROPIX