The Zagreb Times Sinke

One of Zagreb’s most beloved coffee spaces is certainly Finjak. The name of this charming bar could be translated as “Classy Spot” and its suits it very well. You may find it in Zagreb’s very center, on address Vlaska Street 78. Although being so close to city’s heart of Ban Jelacic Square, Finjak is secluded in his own space and can be a great haven from busy everyday schedule or exciting exploration of Croatian Capital.

This is especially true during winter Holiday Season. Finjak has always been known for its luxurious decorations that cherish Christmas time. This year’s topic is “Candy Garden” and local staff has joined their wits with Eventastic Studio to make a truly fascinating interior. Now a fantasy-driven locality, this bar offers you company of dwarves, nutcrackers and stuffed toys brought to life. And what kind of Christmas celebration would it be without sledges of Santa Clause? The visitors are free to take selfies riding the latter.

Of course, the menu follows the Christmassy tones. Don’t leave without trying Finjak’s fine hot chocolate and mulled wine cups. After all, these drinks became a vital asset of Croatian Instagram scene. So if visiting this charming place in Croatian Capital, don’t forget to tag your posts with #bozicnabajkaufinjaku tag. Don’t forget that posting a photo to our own Facebook Wall may give you an opportunity to become featured on our site.

What to add more? Check out our image gallery of Finjak Café Bar below and feel free to thrill in this lovely Zagreb interior.

Photo: Dom&Dizajn