The Zagreb Times Sinke

Located in Zagreb on address Gupceva Zvijezda 4a, this nice-looking coffee shop is a perfect locality for a quick sip of coffee in attractive interior. Usually populated by students of medical faculty that can be found in vicinity, Stanica bar has recently been renovated and looks more inviting than ever before.

Owner Sinisa Pavicic has a habit of buying various items on antique fairs, which he displays in the cafe. These include old fashioned ice skates, obsolete telephone device, aircraft models, flatirons and decades old kitchen grinder. Needless to say, the small details greatly add to ambient.

The interior walls have been uplifted thanks to tapestries of French brand Elitis. Sinisa noted that they can easily be cleaned, which is great plus considering where they have been installed. The old furniture has also been replaced. “All tables and bench have been custom-made by our locksmith. The final result is space that has industrial design and retro atmosphere,” the owner explained.

As many could probably tell, the word Stanica actually means ‘Station’ and it is referring to a tram post in vicinity. A selection of photos depicting its former day can be observed, showing how the neighbourhood changed in the meanwhile.

And although Stanica Bar has just 25 square meters in interior size, it never looks crowded or clogged. In a way, it is a small unofficial museum of Gupceva Zvijezda part of Zagreb that will probably delight every visitor. During the year’s warmer period, an equally charming exterior terrace opens, technically doubling the size. Surrounded with decorative plants in pots, the guests have plenty of reasons to become regular visitors.

“The changes we made to Stanica Bar has brought more seats and a more cozy look,” Sinisa concluded, happy that his small coffee spot is gaining popularity even among tourists that visit Croatian Capital.

Photo: Biljana Blivajs/Hanza Media