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A couple of weeks ago, we covered the founding of a unique accommodation facility in Zagreb, a starship-themed staying place in Teslina Street. Now, our associate journalist Petra Plivelic decided to spend a night in Subspace Hostel, writing her impressions for the local paper Jutarnji List.

Designed to mimic the interior of space-faring vessel from science fiction movies, this facility is bound to attract numerous guests of Croatian Capital. Guests are situated in relatively small chambers which feature bright illumination and high-tech android television sets. It takes some time to get used to such space, which isn’t imagined for claustrophobic types, but it surely adds to the atmosphere.


Each capsule can be locked and darkened, of course. According to Plivelic, they are very soundproof as well. During her stay, one half of twenty capsules were occupied, yet she couldn’t hear anybody during the night. When privacy is considered, guests are really enjoying the seclusion as if being in a hotel room.

Our fellow journalist was worried about air conditioning. “I googled capsule-based accommodations in China and Japan, and was very anxious. They looked like prolonged washing machines with a tiny opening. However, the owner assured me that worries are not to be had. Every capsule comes with three separate ventilation systems, and air is always available.”


People who decide to spend the night in Subspace hostel will also get their own safe and access to USB and headphone jacks, as well as enjoy high-speed internet. The TV sets are loaded with several thousand channels, as if you are receiving the news from the entire galaxy. The capsules are fireproof and very safe.

Once you exit your capsule, the surprises don’t end. The ceiling of the hostel has been imprinted with photosensitive paint, depicting star patterns and clusters. These were the works of academic painter Tomislav Buntak, who really contributed with his work to hostel’s premise.

“I slept like a small baby, even longer that I wanted,” said the resident of Subspace Hostel from Sarajevo. “Once you are in the capsule, you don’t really know whether it is sun or dark outside. So you just sleep as long as you want.”


According to owner Hrvoje Krilic, the hostel became quite renowned in the region, with similar sites already being planned in Dubrovnik and Belgrade. According to what is known, this is the only capsule-based hostel in European Union.

So what were the final impressions of our associate after spending the night on Enterprise? After the initial claustrophobia vanished, she was really having fun. “I eagerly expected to meet an extraterrestrial,” she noted, before joining other guests in the lounge.

If you wish to stay in this original staying place, come to Zagreb and find it in Teslina Street 12/1.


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