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Gorgeous sceneries and attractive outdoors aren’t just a feature of Coastal Croatia. In its continental regions one can find plenty of places to visit and spend a lovely time. One of them is Pijevci Country House, a fabulous destination that can be found next to Town of Novi Marof.

The locality belongs to Mladen and Snjezana Jakopovic, a couple that became known for harvesting medical plants under their brand Kuca Magicne Trave (‘The House of Magical Herb’). They also owned a small cottage that, several years ago, was in dire need of renovation. Jakopovics decided to invest in the building and surrounding structures, leading to what is today known as Pijevci Country House.

„From the first day of rebuilding, we knew that we wanted to keep the original design. It has just perfect atmosphere,“ the couple explained to Croatia Times source. „The interior is very picturesque and a joy to be in, while the foresty surroundings add to pleasant vibe.“

The house is equipped with classic furniture, most of which was renovated along with the interior. All wooden items were hand-crafted by Mladen’s father, which also adds to rustical environment.

In addition to the main house, an old stable can be found on Pijevci estate. This will serve as an independent glass terrace in the future, while its concrete-based part will host bikes and quad vehicles.

The estate can house up to two families at the same time, making it an ideal destination for retreats. It comes with an outdoor pool and part area, allowing you to form up some very nice memories. Barbecues are also an option, as are reserved parking spots and wireless internet. Of course, you may also try some local wine brands or check out the natural cosmetics that are made by couple’s company.

Pijevci waits for your arrival. Visit the official website for reservations and don’t forget to make a few clicks on images in our gallery below.

Photo: Biljana Blivajs/HANZA MEDIA, Danijela Soldatek

 Source: Nekretnine/Jutarnji list/Hanza Media