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Searching for a nice green spot in Zagreb to enjoy the sunny weather? Seek no further than Rokovo Pleasance, a lovely site that somehow manages to stay unmentioned in most tourist brochures of Croatian Capital. Located in the very center of Zagreb, just minutes away from much-loved British Square, Rokovo is a place which reminds of fairy-tale sceneries and might be a great location for excursion, walk or stay with children.

The small park is situated atop a small elevation named after Saint Roch, a passionate Catholic pilgrim from 14th century. A chapel dedicated to this individual can be found next to the park, which dates from 17th century. Sometimes it is open, usually to celebrate weddings or feast days and may be surrounded with stands selling traditional religious merchandize.

Rokovo Pleasance is attractive green spot of tranquility, a set of tiny plains surrounded with small forest. It has numerous benches that people use to sit on during reading or having a small snack. A small playground with slide, sandbox and colorful swings will fulfill many kid desires and dogs are free to run the southern sections of the park.

One unique feature is an impressive fountain of the maiden, designed by sculptor Robert Franges Mihanovic. It is not large in size, but fits great in the surrounding and adds to attractiveness of the whole locality.

The pleasance can be accessed from several directions. From British Square, just follow Rokovo Street that is next to post office. If you are in Dezmanova Street, you can reach it by Aleksandrove Stube stairway.  Finally, you may approach Rokovo Pleasance from north through Streets of Vladimira Nazora and Ivana Gorana Kovacica. Although very close to the center, be aware that Rokovo is located above the slope, so people with walking disabilities may find some difficulty in reaching the site. A bus station in Nazorova Street can be a good solution for this issue.

A lovely promenade that can suit everyone’s idea of outdoor fun, Rokovo Pleasance might become your favorite spot in Zagreb. Check out its features in our image gallery below, brought to you by reader Sasa Parhun.