The Zagreb Times Sinke

Did you know that snow is actually falling in Croatia? May can be a spring month as much as it likes, the tiny white bits of frost can still manage to reach the soil from white clouds. Although not very usual, small outbursts of winter weather can still happen in Central Europe during this time of the year. One such situation has happened last week. Just when people begun to experiment with short sleeves in Croatia, a drop in temperature led to winter coats being retaken from the closets.

You didn’t have to travel in the highlands of Lika to enjoy the frozen layer.  If being in Capital, all you had to do is make a short climb to Medvednica Mountain. Our  photo reporter Marko Todorov did precisely that, leading to the footage you can view below:



The white sceneries aren’t expected to stand their ground for long. The summer is just behind the corner- as are higher temperatures, longer daylights and beach enjoyments of Adriatic Coast. It is nice that winter arrived for one final goodbye before letting us enjoy the upcoming sunny days.

Feature Photo: Marko Todorov / Cropix