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Zagreb is really showing its muscles this winter, as far as tourist offer is considered. Not only did it won the ‘Best Advent Fair in Europe‘ award for the second time in a row, but its upcoming ski race of Bakaceva Street is gaining notable momentum on global scale.

Long story short, one of Zagreb’s central streets has been literally turned into a high-tech ski track. Having a perfect angle, Bakaceva was visited by numerous snow-carrying trucks in the last few days, while the workers dispersed the cargo over the street’s length. The final result is a white racing track of 165 meters, with layer thickness of 50 centimeters. The total count of snow is 900 square meters.


All this was done in order to celebrate 50 years of FIS World Cup, the central organization and competition organizer of this popular snowy sport. Numerous notable individuals and competitors have answered Zagreb’s call and will give their share in racing the slope.

These include Janica and Ivica Kostelic, Annemarie Moser-Pröll, Pernilla Wiberg, Marc Girardelli, Alberto Tomba, Marcel Hirscher, Petra Kronberger, Tamara McKinney, Tina Maze, Andreas Wenzel, Michele Jacot Herry, Lise-Marie Morerod, Michaela Dorfmeister, Renate Götschl and Nicole Hosp. They will all carry a piece of equipment which is important for their own career, for example a specific helmet or skiing suit.


The entry point for the race features only wooden sticks, as it was a custom 50 years ago. However, the exit point in Bakaceva Street bottom will be full of modern gadgets. This way, the entire track is a metaphoric ride through the last half of the century, showing where the sport begun and how it reached modern era.

Several international television broadcasters will cover the race, including BBC, ORF, SRF, SVT and Eurosport. Even viewers from distant Japan will have the opportunity to watch Zagreb’s original attraction, thanks to J Sports Channel.


According to organizers, this is the first race in the world to take place in the middle of the city. Zagreb is writing sport history, and you can be a part of it this Wednesday, 7:15 p.m. Just come to Bakaceva Street, which neighbors the central Square of Ban Jelacic.

Check out the gallery below, depicting the race preparations.


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