The Zagreb Times Sinke

The warmer seasons of the year are slowly approaching on the calendar. But even without that helpful item, you could easily spot the difference in natural surroundings. The nature has begun to bloom with color as temperatures are staying inside quite pleasurable digits. If you wish to have a walk through such loveable sceneries, you don’t have to go far. Just a few tram stations away from Zagreb’s Centre you’ll reach King Tomislav Square. It is actually a large park-like area that can serve as a perfect spot for gentle walks or peaceful outdoor book read.

King Tomislav would probably approve that. Deemed the first king of Croats and leader of nation in 10th century, the somewhat mystical figure plays an important role in local history. A statue depicting him mounted on the horse is located in front of Zagreb main train station, serving as a kind of official greeting to every foreigner that arrived to Croatia in this way. This art piece is the work of sculptor Robert Franges-Mihanovic.

If you can’t have a walk next to King Tomislav, have a glance on our image gallery below and have the second best thing.

Photo: Darko Tomas / CROPIX