The Zagreb Times Sinke

Truth to be told, there’s not much snow in Croatia at the moment. But that won’t stop Santa Clause from having an early arrival to cities and villages of the country. The photo above was taken during the fabled character’s stroll through Zagreb’s King Tomislav Square. As expected, he was greeted by children, both of local residents and foreign guests. They all cheered up at the exact moment his carriage was seen approaching the site.

This time however, the traditional deer animals were replaced by a couple of lovely white horses, and Santa even had a driver. Still, the sight was no less impressive. After he greeted the children, Santa observed a hockey match of junior players and lauded their approach to sport and discipline.


The celebration in Zagreb is one of many happening across Croatia. With Christmas being only a few weeks away, the Merry Season is truly arriving to all regions of the country, making it an ideal destination even for the winter visit.

However, summer is the period in which Croatia truly shines, thanks to its widespread Adriatic coastline, full of hidden coves and charming inlets. If having a holiday in such place sounds like a good topic for your letters to Santa, consider researching Croatian Destinations and pick up the one you’ll like most. Who knows, maybe the white-bearded elder will fulfill your wish.


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