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One of Croatia’s most respected food critics Radovan Maricic has recently visited Konoba Dida. It is a traditional tavern tendering Dalmatian cuisine in the middle of Croatian Capital, several hundred kilometers away from Adriatic coast. So how did this small Dalmatian haven fare on Marcic scale? There are ups and downs, but there are no reasons not to visit this attractive dining spot. Here are some of Marcic’s impressions.

„The restaurant is known for serving freshly caught fish, even in times when fisherman couldn’t satisfy the demand. I decided to order some more demanding classics of Dalmatian table.“

„As a couvert, I received a fish pate somewhat mild in taste, seasoned with minced red pepper. The octopus salad, on other hand, was perfectly cooked. Juicy and spiced just at the right measure, the dish was as good as it could possibly be. In addition, one could tell that octopus came from a fish marketplace, not a general store fridge.”

“Another great order was shrimp risotto. Cooked with care and quality ingredients, it came with aromatic stew and freshly prepared shrimp meat.”

Marcic was less impressed with brodetto, claiming it was more like dentex steak in tomato sauce. “Without smaller fish pieces, sea shells and some crab meat, you can’t have a good brodetto,” Marcic explained, praising the home-made polenta that came as a side dish (ordered separately).

“Despite these downs, tere are many things worthy of visitor’s attention,” Marcic concluded his review of Konoba Dida. “The restaurant has very good corn bread with cuttlefish ink and their olive oil brand is exceptionally tasty. As for roasted fish, octopus salad and risottos, they are the reasons why I will definitely return to Konoba Dida.”

The restaurant can be found in Zagreb’s Petrova Street 176. You can also learn more by visiting the dining spot’s official website.

Based on article published in “Dobra Hrana” magazine, authored by Radovan Marcic.

Photo: Krasnodar Persun / Hanza Media