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Croatian food expert Radovan Marcic is a well- known individual on the country’s restaurant scene. His reviews of notable dining localities are highly regarded, and regularly published in Croatian magazine Dobra Hrana. In one of his latest articles, he visited Restaurant Karlo in the vicinity of Plesivica ridge, a part of Samobor highlands that counts as one of the favorite excursion areas for Zagreb residents.

Surrounded with picturesque slope and impressive vineyards, this restaurant provides excellent scenery for your meal.  It is located in a large wooden cottage of newer date, leaving an impression that you reside in a modern mountaineer’s home.

„Between Klinca Sela and Jaska settlement, or more precisely above Gornji Desinec village, my friend and I begun our Sunday meal in Restaurant Karlo,“ Marcic wrote. „We begun with Plesivicka Daska (‘Plesivica  Serving Plank’), which included pepper relish, prime cheese and  cream and somewhat less impressive ajvar spread.  In addition, the middle of wooden serving plank had two sufnudles (traditional potato croquettes) and a selection of smoked meat arranged with vine. “

Continuing his review, Marcic lauded the restaurant’s duck and chicken liver pate, as well as some other meal offerings. “A wild game sauté was served with classical thick sauce, next to potato pasta roll stuffed with boletus mushrooms. My friend ordered two kinds of roasted meat, beefsteak and pork loin. Both meals were commendable, as well as pumpkin fritters which came as a side dish.”

As for remarks, Marcic expressed hope that soups will follow the quality of main dishes in the future. He also noted that serving plates are slightly too pretentious and at odds with ‘rustic’ approach that is initially offered by wooden plank. Despite these critical observances, Marcic concluded his review with high praise. “Restaurant Karlo serves classical, traditional meals of Croatia with sense of detail (their home-made bread with aromatic herbs being a notable example). The dishes are made with professional approach, as this school of cuisine demands. Many other restaurants don’t show the same level of skill.”

Karlo’s wine list includes only local brands. The average price per bottle usually goes beyond 100 HRK / 13.25 €, but one liter of house wine can be acquired for 60 HRK / 8.00 €. As for food, the aforementioned plesivicka daska costs 49 HRK / 6.50 € and represents good value for money. The wild game sauté was bought for 110 HRK / 14.50 € while meat roasts with mushrooms were served for 130 HRK / 17.25 €. Be aware that bread is charged 2 HRK / 0.25 € per price.

Find Restaurant Karlo on address Plesivica 41 (in Plesivica). You may want to reserve your spot by sending an e-mail to The locality has private parking lot, so you may visit with a vehicle.  As noted by Radovan Marcic, it is really a spot that deserves your attention, especially if you are seeking a dining spot close to Croatian Capital.

Photo: Neja Markicevic / Hanza Media