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One of the most visited and most popular streets in Zagreb is definitely Tkalciceva street which the citizens of Zagreb commonly call “Tkalca”. With over fifteen different coffee bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, boutiques, and pastry shops, it is a great place for tourists.

Lokma restaurant in Tkalciceva street serves traditional Turkish dishes, which is why two visitors from Saudi Arabia have chosen to eat there. “We are visiting Zagreb for the first time and we are having a wonderful time. This chicken is great,” Ahmed said. Besides tourists, Tkalciceva street is a favourite destination for a number of younger and older locals. “Tkalca” is a synonym for rich offer of food, drinks, and fun time.

There are numerous souvenir shops for you to visit once you are in the city, and treats such as pancakes and ice cream are found on every corner of the street. “Tkalca” is frequently visited throughout the year, but especially when the weather is nicer. Although it offers a handful of various modern facilities, it displays the spirit of the city’s historic core. It is one of the oldest streets in the city. There is also a monument to Marija Juric Zagorka, a writer and journalist from Zagreb, and a well-known sundial showing the exact time.

A pleasant atmosphere, rich and diverse offer, and friendly people are exactly what make this street so popular. It is hardly imaginable that there might be someone in Zagreb who has not heard of “Tkalca” and judging by the number of visitors, tourists have heard of it as well. In general, the popular “Tkalca” in Zagreb is a place to have coffee or go for a night out, as well as an interesting part of the city for sightseeing.

Bars and Pubs

A group of high school graduates having coffee after school and talking about the upcoming celebration of high school graduation is a scene from Oliver Twist Cafe. Mali Medo Pub is also one of the most popular places in the city located right there. It is a perfect place to have beer in the city centre. The outdoor terrace extends to a large part of “Tkalca” and accommodates over 400 guests. Next to the pub there is a souvenir shop where you can buy bottled beer, mugs, T-shirts, etc. There is also the Beer Exchange where the demand determines the price of beer.

The sunny afternoon has lured a number of people outside to have beer. History Village is one of the most popular places to go out. Apart from History Village, there is also the popular Alcatraz. Both clubs work during the day as coffee bars.


The street was named after John the Baptist Tkalcic (4 May 1840 – 11 May 1905) who was Kaptol’s historian and archaeologist responsible for discovering and recording a lot of data on the history of Zagreb. Tkalciceva street is located between Gradec and Kaptol and above the Medvescak brook. It used to be the street of workers, the poor, and the servants who worked for the wealthy from Gradec or for church dignitaries from Kaptol. Today it is one of the most elite destinations in the very centre of the city. It is an indispensable place for tourists who visit Zagreb, and for many people it is generally an indispensable place for leisure time.

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