The Zagreb Times Sinke

Did you think that Croatia has only sea to offer? Numerous other bathing spots are available, one of the most prominent one being Mreznica river. It is located in inland Croatia, meaning it is a great place for a one-day trip if you’re staying in Zagreb or Karlovac.

Mreznica is known as a karst river, but don’t expect it to be just stone and rock. As a matter of fact, it is full of life and green surfaces. Having less than 70 kilometers in lenght, it is considered among the shorter rivers of Croatia.

The banks are usually green, with plenty of spots for bathing. However, parts of the river have a strong current, so caution is advised. The settlements can be found inhabiting the elevated areas next to Mreznica. The old keeps that existed in past are unfortunatelly lost as a tourist site.

In addition to swimming, visitors are free to enjoy rafting and boat rides. But to many, just having a bath in this cozy river is enough. Check out how people are having fun next to Duga Resa Town in our photo gallery below.

Photo: Srdjan Vrancic / CROPIX