The Zagreb Times Sinke

As odd as it can sound, there is a county in Croatia that had no hotel accommodation until now. The unprestigious title belongs to Pozesko-Slavonska, situated in the northeast regions of the country. Although having rich history and impressive sights, this part of the land is somewhat neglected in tourist sense. Thanks to family Terranova, this is bound to change, as the young couple invested their love and assets in Hotel Pakrac.

Situated in the town of the same name, this accommodation facility used to be merely a sort of haven for overnight stay. After long work, however, Terranovas managed to raise the standards and transform it into fully-featured three star hotel.

„Pursuing career in tourism was my husband’s idea,“ said Martina Terranova. „We both knew that this part of Croatia needed a place like this, and we decided to use our wits to make it happen. The building itself is here since 1871, and thanks to EU funding, it was easily renovated into what it is now.  Hotel Pakrac is here to welcome the visitors both foreign and domestic.”

At the moment, Hotel Pakrac has 10 rooms with 19 beds. The couple plans to adapt its attic level, which would bring the entire capacity to 50 beds. It also features a large conference room that is idle for meetings of all kind, while the kitchen offers international menu. Stefano Terraneo is chef by profession, so you won’t leave the premises hungry.

The town itself offers a wide range of things to do and enjoy. These include a Museum of Military History, tracing the tale of Pakrac since times of Templar Knights, and Omanovac natural site which counts as a perfect place for outdoor excursion. And whenever you feel fatigued from exploring the landscapes of Pozesko-Slavonska County, there’s a hotel in Pakrac that will welcome you with class. Check out the official website of the spot for more information.

Feature Photo: Lipicki Kompas