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A lot of people visiting Croatian capital hope to have a decent accommodation. In vast majority of cases, the lovely town provides such a staying place. However, some individuals want to taste luxury in Zagreb, and are ready to pay the full price for the experience. Naturally, the beautiful heart of Croatia also has such options.

“In these cases, the accommodations are usually tied to a certain micro-locations, having high level of interior quality and supporting appliances,” Sergio Serdarusic from Eurovila agency explained. “There are a lot of such estates in Croatian capital, including those in the very center. People seek classy flats near Zrinjevac Park and Ban Jelacic Square, but also in the northern regions of the city- namely Prekrizje, Tuskanac, Salata and Pantovcak neighborhoods.”

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According to Serdarusic, most of these fancy spots in Zagreb are located in older buildings. Of course, that doesn’t mean that structures themselves are of questionable quality. They just come with charming unique features, such as notably higher ceilings.

Zagreb’s northern premises are especially popular for those opting to rent entire houses. Eurovila experts claim the neighborhood of Sestine is highly demanded, probably due to an influential private school in vicinity. Those who love flats more will probably find satisfaction in Baboniceva Street, as buildings there have large outdoor gardens and pools. An average flat in local buildings have as much as 200 square meters in size.

The usual clients include foreign diplomats and CEOs of large companies. Celebrities and people of sport are also often enjoying luxury in Zagreb. “Because many of them drive expensive cars, they demand garages, preferably those with direct elevator connection with the flat itself,” Dina Serdarusic concludes.

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Of course, the price of renting such places is quite high. Luxurious flats with average size of 250 square meters can be occupied for about 3000 € per month. Houses, on the other hand, may reach up to 15 000 € if they are on the good location. These are usually taken by foreign embassies, but there are exceptions to the rule.

If this sounds like a great investment for your Croatian experiences, do visit Eurovila, and find your place of luxury in Zagreb. We are sure you will find something suitable for your tastes, even if they are very delicate and exceptional.


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