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A video clip on YouTube became quite popular  in Croatian online world, depicting the renowned actor Patrick Stewart sharing his positive impressions of Zagreb. The footage is associated with ‘Tonight Show’, hosted by Jay Leno. It is believed that the episode was on air in mid-90s, as Stewart mentioned that Croatia was in post-Yugoslav war during his film-making stay in the country.

Most known for his role of Captian Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek science-fiction series, Patrick Stewart was talking about a pleasant experience he had in Zagreb. One evening, he visited a restaurant situated in the capital’s Old Town, located in the renovated monastery. The staff was very formal, and the actor believed that they didn’t recognize him.

Yet, that was not the case. Check out what people running the restaurant did in order to show their respect for Enterprise leader:

The footage above is the courtesy of Tonight Show.

In addition to lauding the restaurant, Patrick Stewart also noted that Dalmatian wines are ‘sensational’. Hopefully, this was not the last time the popular actor has been in Croatia, and more visits should definitely happen in the future. So if you enjoy the hospitality of a Croatian diner, and you hear somebody finishing their order with the words ‘Engage’ spoken to the waiter, chances are Patrick Stewart decided to revisit the country, and have another glass of Dalmatian grapes.


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