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High above the roofs of Zagreb City, one can see Medvednica Mountain and its popular peak called Sljeme. The favorite excursion spot to residents of Croatian Capital, it has many points of interest of both natural beauty and historical value. In distant past, Medvednica has a large population of bears, hence its name (medved means bear in Croatian language). For what is known today, none of these animals live there.

Waking Nature, Flower, Plant

In winter, Medvednica is home to white-layer enjoyments and even hosts an influential race called Snow Queen Trophy. But as cold weather slowly retreats, Medvednica becomes a site of waking nature. The dark tones retreat, allowing more cheerful colors to emerge. Of course, this triggers more excursions of hikers and tourists.

Yet, don’t be afraid. Sljeme is far from being crowded and you can always count on a seat in local inns. If in love with nature and being outdoors, now is the time to visit the slopes above Zagreb. Just check out the lovely image gallery of waking nature below and consider it an invitation to visit this picturesque part of Croatia. And don’t forget to upload a few photos to our Facebook Wall and share them with our online community.

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Photo: Darko Tomas / CROPIX