The Zagreb Times Sinke

Every year, Croatian Town of Sisak organizes an artistic festival called Re:Think. The event gathers notable mural artists from across the world and gives them free hands to decorate public walls and structures in the settlement. During the years, some rather impressive pieces of mural art have been crafted in Sisak, making it a very unique destination. Visitors can literally tour these sites and be introduced to town in a very original way.

You can find Sisak in the part of Croatia called Posavina. It is among the oldest towns in the country, tracing human presence on its soil as early as 4th century BC. It is relatively close to Lonjsko Polje Nature Park and has an archeological park called Siscia that attracts visitors. In abundance of historical events that shaped Sisak’s past, one of theatrical kind is especially valuable. Sisak hosted the first staging of play in what is recognized as Croatian literary language. This happened in 1839, and the play was called Juran and Sofija authored by Ivan Kukuljevic Sakcinski.

Photo: Mate Piskor / CROPIX