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In love with strukli? This Croatian dish is usually associated with Zagorje region that neighbors Zagreb. Of course, this means that there are plenty of opportunities to try them in Croatian capital. Made from special dough and stuffed with various fillings, strukli can be cooked, baked or even coupled with a soup. Here are nine places in Zagreb where you can try this specialty, which celebrates more than a decade of being a part of Croatia’s intangible cultural heritage.

Hotel Esplanade (Le Bistro / Zinfandel)

Suggested by many local residents, Esplanade counts as a firm keeper of strukli culture in Croatian capital. Having the specialty on their menu since 1951, the renowned dining place has never changed their recipe- much thanks to feedback that asked no changes.

Hotel Palace

Another Zagreb classic, strukli from Hotel Palace are delight to taste. Stuffed with cow cheese and covered with sweet cream, they arrive in many variations. Each of them will give you the genuine strukli experience.

Marko Miscevic / Cropix


The renowned restaurant in Teslina Street doesn’t back up once strukli come to mind. In addition to delicacy, it offers great smoked cheese- courtesy of Pecnik family and their traditional agricultural estate.

Le Struk

For those who prefer quick bites in cozy settings, Le Struk is the place to go. This charming diner-like locality is fully dedicated to strukli. The version with the blueberries is especially valued by guests with appetite for sweet.

Biljana Blivajs / Dobra Hrana


When this popular restaurant published the recipe for their strukli, no house in Croatia was having fish for dinner. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the delicacy in Okrugljak. Who knows, maybe the chef has a secret ingredient he decided not to mention?

Gabreku 1929

With having almost a century in existence, Gabrek is considered to be the oldest restaurant in Samobor. Of course, strukli are proudly inscribed in the menu, next to renowned mushroom soup and local meat delicacies.


If having an excursion to Okic grad, be sure to see the pristine scenery of Konscica stream and Saint Leonard’s Church that dates from 18th century. Once this is done, visit family estate Slavagora and enjoy strukli among other traditional dishes.

Mario Kucera / Cropix

Kod Spilje

Recently renovated, restaurant “Kod Spilje” is run by family Grgos. They prepare meals following old family recipes, so each visit is like a small excursion to local dining history. They owners also harvest their own ingredients and have a custom-made menu in accordance with the season. Of course, strukli are also an option.


Founded by chefs that sharpened their skills in aforementioned Esplanade Hotel, O’brok offers affordable and delicate struk meals. The locality also has a daily menu, so be sure to come often for a nice dine.

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Feature photo: Neja Markicevic / Cropix

Based on article by Vana Babic / Dobra Hrana