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With all the buzz of Croatia going on, a lot of people consider buying an estate in the country, and permanently settle on its soil. Of course, such big move comes with big questions, one of which is regarding the costs of living. To put at least some things in the picture, we investigated five residences available for purchase. All of these have one thing in common- a terrace or large balcony with an attractive view. Most, if not all potential expats would certainly show readiness to invest in such feature of their living space. Let’s see what Zagreb has to offer.

Sveti Duh, Kajfesov Brijeg

A two-room apartment in a residential building can be accessed on third floor, giving it a substantial level of height. It comes with a hall, kitchen with a dining area, bathroom and 32 square meter terrace. A storage compartment also comes in the price. The entire flat has 65 square meters in total, and can be bought for 120 000 €. If interested, contact Euro-Interijeri Company (01 3734 793)

Horvatov Put

This apartment is on the very top of the building, and comes with a rather luxury-class terrace. Having about 45 square meters in size, this exterior feature has a sunbathing spot, grill area and space for table tennis. The entire flat has about 140 square meters in size, and is available for a price of 175 000 €. Contact Euro-Interijeri (01 3734 793) for more information.

Gracanske Duzice

This living space has three and a half rooms in the newly built building. It comes with a large terrace and impressive 148 square meters of size. The price is 240 000 € and the company in charge of sale is Zagreb West (01 4811 848).

Borcec, Rusiscak

A four-room apartment on the building’s second floor, it comes with a hall, living area, kitchen and dining room. Buyers will also enjoy three bedrooms, two separate bathrooms and three terrace places. The apartment comes with two private parking spaces. Seek Euro-Interijeri (01 3734 793) for more information, and note that the price is 190 600 €.

Tresnjevka, Zajina

A classy penthouse that has a 63 square meter terrace might just be the thing one needs in Zagreb. The estate has five rooms and floor heating, and a small balcony that observes the city’s eastern parts. Such palace does come with a price, though. One will have to pay 440 000 € for living in this home. If that’s not much for you, contact Opereta Company (01 3820050) and learn the details of this possible purchase.

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