The Zagreb Times Sinke

Christmas Café should be an official word in hospitality business. And if it already is, than Finjak café in Zagreb suits it in every possible way. If you are visiting Croatia’s much-loved capital, which boasts to have the most beautiful Christmas Market in Europe for the third year in a row, than enjoying this spot in city’s broad center is a must-do. You can find it in Vlaska Street 78, and as you can check it out in our photo gallery below, it is really a place worthy of your time.

The interior was inspired by old Zagreb parks, and includes pine trees, benches and other items usually found in forests. You may also find licitars, traditional heart-shaped ornaments that are closely associated with the city and neighboring Zagorje region. Finally, in addition to waiters that are always in a good mood, the local crew includes a number of teddy bears. These are old fashioned in design and quite ancient in age.

If you love Christmas, explore Vlaska Street in Zagreb and don’t hesitate to drink a cup of hot beverage in Finjak. The name is actually a word used to describe class in local slang, so don’t expect anything less than prime service and positive vibes.

Photo: Adriana Kupesak