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Croatia might be one of the world’s best destinations for summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean all of its merits are located along the shore. Rich in lakes and rivers, the continental parts of the country are also a very attractive place to go. You may even go below their surfaces, and explore the strange new world that expects you there. The photo above was taken during one such scuba excursion of Mreznica river, located in vicinity of Duga Resa Town.

Mreznica River

Close to old forts and keeps from the times long gone, Mreznica river is among the most visited localities of Croatian people. Ideal for a short trip to natural outdoors, but equally attractive to kayakers and fans of strong currents, the river is a place to go whenever the weather permits.

Mreznica River

Consider visiting its localities, even when being on seaside.

Photo:Srdan Vrancic / Hanza Media