The Zagreb Times Sinke

Can you imagine yourself being in Croatia, and at the same time enjoying the Cuban culture and atmosphere? Just a reminder: the renowned ‘reddish’ island is located on the complete opposite side of the globe. Well, if you visit Samobor, you will easily get through such an experience, thanks to Havana Bar.

The popular café is located on Trg Kralja Tomislava Square, in the very heart of Samobor. In addition to charming interior design (including large wooden cigars on the ceiling), it is often a site of musical concerts, art exhibitions and similar cultural events.

Samobor’s bar is a registered member of Havana Bars international, an association gathering similar clubs and cafés. So in case the road leads you to continental parts of Croatia, be sure to have a drink in romantic town of Samobor, comrade.

Check out Havana Bar in our photo gallery below:


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