The Zagreb Times Sinke

In early fall days, literally every household in Croatia engages in prepping ajvar. It is a traditional pepper spread that enjoys high popularity in Balkan states, each country having its own take on the specialty. You can make your ajvar at home (here is the recipe) and combine it with meat dishes. Although sometimes, all you need is a slice of bread to have an exquisite ajvar meal.

In case you are not a fan of cooking, but prefer walking instead, the image above may inspire you to visit Zagreb’s botanical garden. The shown peppers have been harvested by official local gardener Hrvoje Kovach and arranged according to their spiciness. Surely they would serve as great ingredients for a tasty ajvar.

Find Zagreb’s Botanical Garden on address Trg Marka Marulica 9A.  Download our app Croatia by Car and have a unique trip through one of Europe’s most beloved tourist destinations.

Photo: Berislava Picek  / CROPIX