The Zagreb Times Sinke

In abundance of bars one can find in Zagreb, the one located in Krapinska street recieved quite a buzz. It is called Hunter Bar, and welcomes its visitors in trendy interior featuring industrial design. „Originally, part of this place was a bicycle store, but the owner chose to bond the spaces and make an unique gathering place,“ Iva Loparic Kontak of Hunter Bar explained to Croatia Times source.

„We wanted our guests to feel comfortable, but at the same time, the owner wanted a locality in which he could host meetings with his friends. And since we know each other for some time, he also welcomed my idea of organizing cultural, musical and fashion events in the bar. So yes, it is a very multi-functional space that can accommodate a wide variety of activities.”

Hunter Bar has about 80 seats, but can easily accept almost 200 people. The digits will go higher in spring, as they will open a large terrace that will welcome visitors in the outdoors of Zagreb. “You can smoke in our bar, as it has a high-tech ventilation system that secures fresh air in all localities.”

The interior is made in accordance with industrial design, which is quite popular choice on Croatian hospitality scene in recent years. Despite that, Hunter Bar still manages to have its own identity, and looks quite impressive. “Every piece of furniture and electrical lamps are hand-made, and initial works were supervised by professional architect Iva Perucic.”

Find this attractive Zagreb locality in Krapinska Street 8. The working hours are between 7:00 a.m. and midnight. The price range is quite acceptable as well, as espresso can be acquired for 9 HRK / 1,22 €. This is more or less an average in Croatia.

If searching for a nice spot to socialize in Croatian capital, feel free to visit Hunter Bar.

Photo: Neja Markicevic / Hanza Media