The Zagreb Times Sinke

For many people, 80’s were the golden age. It was the dawn of millennial generation, movie blockbusters, video games and music on the go. But the much-loved decade was quite unique in Croatia. At that time, the country was actually a part of state called Yugoslavia featuring a not-your-usual-kind-of-socialism. The political system would slowly decay to the point of military conflict that emerged in the following decade, but common people were spared the tenser atmosphere during peak eighties.

And what did Croatian household look like in this era? It was something that could probably fit into an episode of Only Fools and Horses, but with Eastern Europe vibe in it. If you can’t imagine such scenery, come to Radiceva Street 34 in Croatian Capital, where museum called Zagreb 80’s is located. As the name explains, the exhibition depicts in what kind of space locals lived during the decade.  You will be able to explore the flat of Zagreb residents filled with many original items from this time, and have a time-travel experience only Croatia can provide.

The museum also offers souvenirs- and you can only imagine what those look like.

Photo: Like Magazine