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Cakovec is a beautiful city in inland Croatia, full of historical features and surrounded with natural splendors. However, it is located in far northern regions of the country, far away from the crystal blue of Adriatic Sea. One would think that this would lock the destination among second bests of Croatia, but that is not the case. In the last three years, Cakovec tourism blossomed for a unique reason: food and drinks.

In past, Cakovec had merely a few restaurants that offered meals that were beyond pizza and fries. Then, one of the most beloved Zagreb restaurants Mundoaka decided to try their luck and change the tide. Led by chef Marko Palfi, the project of making Cakovec a fancy food spot soon begun to provide results.

“We have a lot of business lunches, as the city has a number of small and mid-size companies,” Palfi explained. “Our staff has plenty of work to do during weekends as well, and locals have accepted our food philosophy to full extent.” The friendly price range is also contributing to success of Mundoaka Cakovec Bistro and Wine Bar, which can be found on Trg Republike Square. “Leek and bear onion soup, followed by mustard-marinated pork chop with rice, salad and home-made bread can be bought for 50 HRK / 6,75 €.

Another brand turning towards Cakovec tourism is Garden, well-known for its exceptional music festival and brewery products. In the upcoming months, it will open its unique gathering spot called Garden Bar & Kitchen, situated in an old keep. “The atrium is perfect for staging musical events, from opera to jazz sessions that we plan to organize,” said Nick Colgan, the leading person of Garden. “From logistical point of view, Cakovec is also an interesting destination. It is just one hour of car-ride away from Zagreb, and will certainly become an influential excursion destination.”

The surge of Cakovec tourism can also be noticed in its hospitality services. The recently opened business & city break hotel Castellum is already welcoming a lot of visitors, and more are to come in the following months. With four-star quality of services , thirty of accommodation facilities (some of them rather  classy) and multifunctional congress center, it might be a perfect site to rest your bags in Cakovec. Castellum can be found on address Ulica Andrije Hebranga 34.

One of Croatia’s long-term goals is to increase the tourist potentials of its inland regions. Judging from the revolution of Cakovec, it might become a goal soon fulfilled. Learn more about such localities in our Destinations Section.

Photo: Zeljko Hajdinjak / Hanza Media