The Zagreb Times Sinke

In the fall season, Croatian beaches are reserved only for those unafraid of low temperatures and people who need to swim due to a lost a bet. But there is another type of terrain that comes to mind in this rainy time of the year. Croatian forests become fascinating spots of color and freshness, providing a perfect destination for a variety of activities. To pick up forest mushrooms is certainly one of the most attractive ones.

The team of our sister site Dobra Hrana (‘Good Food ‘ in Croatian language) have decided to explore the woody sceneries of Kozjaca, an area surrounding Vukomeric Hills in Turopolje region. Carrying thick clothes and quality footwear, the merry group entered the forest in search for mushrooms. Armed with knives and baskets, it didn’t take long for them to encounter first specimens.

The activity is very fulfilling and relaxing. If you decide to pick up forest mushrooms on your own, bring camera with you, as you are bound to find some lovely landscapes. The leafs that fall literally make a colorful carpet that you can walk on, sparing you from exposure to wet soil. Most mushrooms that you will encounter include porcinis, parasols, leccinums and bay boletes.  All of these are edible, and can be used for brews and courses of all kind. Most people like to chop them and serve with some scrambled eggs.

One should remind, however, that not all mushrooms are beneficial to one’s diet. Some species are highly toxic and shouldn’t be consumed. So, unless being expert yourself, we suggest you contact the Tourist Office of the destination you are intending to visit, and maybe arrange the picking with someone of demanded knowledge.  The poisonous fungi should not be destroyed if found in the forest, as they have their role in the natural balance and removing them could lead to ecosystem’s damage.

The best part? Mushrooms don’t have to be eaten immediately. One can dry or refrigerate them to postpone the consummation. You may want to fry them a bit before doing the latter, as suggested by Dobra Hrana team.

How many mushrooms have our colleagues gathered? In less than two hours, their baskets weighted about three kilograms. That’s plenty of incoming brews. Follow their example and pick up forest mushrooms in Croatia.

Photo: Marko Miscevic / Dobra Hrana