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Folks who love Zagreb know what Tkalciceva Street stands for. Full of inns and taverns, it is the center of nightlife of Croatian Capital. A new Israeli diner has recently opened its door in the same street, adding a touch of internationality to renowned part of Zagreb.

The owners, a witty couple of Israeli women called Iffat and Ayalet, are always serving only the best falafels, hummus, blinches, shakshukas and chraime dishes. They blend traditional Jewish and Moroccan cuisines into a unique combination, which seems to go well both with Croatian tastes and those of foreign guests.


The restaurant has a funny name. It is called “Kako da ne?”, a saying which might be somewhat difficult to translate. One of the possible ways would be “How Could You Say No?”

Ayalet visited Croatia many years ago, when it was a part of the country called Yugoslavia. She fell in love with its beauty, and often told Iffat about it. Finally, after one more recent visit of the couple, they decided to move in Croatia and permanently settle in its capital of Zagreb.


“We just had to start a job here,” Iffat explains. “And as I have been working in restaurants for the last 10 years, a diner was the most obvious choice.” Zagreb residents were especially keen to try blinches, traditional Israeli pancakes which can be combined with cookies, chocolate spreads, bananas and strawberries.

A tasty hummus is also an option in Kako da ne? One can offer it with fungi, meat, eggplant and falafel. The spicy dishes of Morocco can reach your plates as well, stars of the menu being seafood meals in hot tomato spice.


So if you suddenly feel like having a not-so-Croatian-meal in center of Zagreb, know well that Kako da ne?  is more than ready to satisfy your need. It can be found in Tkalciceva Street 59. Working hours are between 10 a.m. and 11. p.m.  You are always welcome.


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